Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Italian Job [2003]

“The Italian Job”- One more blockbuster on my DVD gallery!!!.

Genre: Heist - Action drama
Directed by: F. Gary Gray
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron,Donald Sutherland…

The movie starts with the heist of $35 million worth gold, without firing a single bullet. Excellently shot on the beautiful waters of Venice.

The plan was devised by Charlie Croker(Mark Wahlberg) and executed along with his team: Steve(Edward Norton), computer genius Lyle(Seth Green), wheelman handsome Rob(Jason Statham) , explosives expert Left-Ear(Mos Def) and veteran safecracker John Bridgerwith(Donald Sutherland)).

The heist is clean as per the plan and successful .Their longtime dreams could finally be realized.

But what they didn't expect was one of their own team men - Steve, turns against them, and knocking off the rest. His plan was even better, and was executed to more or less perfectly. He consolidates himself as all of the team are dead and leaves to US with all the gold in his possession.

But Only John Bridger looses his life on that hit and all other survive. A year later, they again devise a plan for their vengeance against Steve, who’s settled in LA with his gold. They pull- in Stella (Charlize Theron), a beautiful (WoW ;--D) safecracker, who’s the daughter of John Bridger also for their Revenge.

The team moves to Los Angels to accomplish their goal. The rest of the movie is about , how they defeated Steve and got their gold back. Complete action packed story!!!

What I Say :<
It’s fast paced action drama, with clean screenplay. All the characters are suited very well. Especially Charlize Theron !!! She looks so beautiful, and her acting and car driving skills match that in the movie. I should admit that after watching the movie, I've become a big fan of hers ;-)

I should also say that there are many logic flaws (like Indian action film, they also didn’t worry about the “Logics”).There are many un-answered questions in the story itself.

Beyond all these bugs, the screenplay makes you to feel great. I really like the movie very much. I would recommend a “Must Watch”.

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