Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tata Nano

The much awaited Nano has been launched by Tata. Following is the information you might want to know..

Booking starts on April 9th 2009. Deliveries will start in July.

There have been many reviews already of the cars from many magazines and forums.I have tried here to collate all of them.

* It is definitely a car
* It looks cool
* Its a real wheel driven car.
* Better than Maruti 800 in many areas which is priced more than a lakh above Nano
* It has a huge interior rivalling bigger hatches like i10 and santro
* It has somewhat loud engine
* It has very good peppy engine for the city
* Its mileage should be above 20 kmpl
* It scores its point in drivability
* It has ok gearbox which is of cable type
* Ride is bumpy
* Good Handling and better stability in higher speed
* Performance is Good for its price
* 0-60 in 8 seconds (claimed), in 9.1 second achieved by autocar

Performance numbers:
0-60 - 9.1seconds
0-100 - 29.7seconds
Top speed - 106kph
20-80 (3rd gear) - 20.45 seconds
40-100 (4th gear) - 46.38seconds
Braking (80-0) - 33.66m 3.07seconds

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