Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Weekend...Elliots Beach

How to spend a week-end at Chennai, when all your friends have left the city and you’re alone. Yes, I experienced this weekend.

Saturday, I woke-up early in the morning. One of my friends called me on my phone and said ”Good afternoon”.
Oops!!! It’s 11.45AM ;-D

Most of my friends had left to their home town this weekend and I was alone at Chennai. I seriously started thinking How I’m going to spend these 2 days ( sorry 1 ½ days :-D)…

Any movie ? Some Shopping ? Shall I cook my dinner tonight? Shall I get some cook book and try some new recipe ? Or else the same routine…Go to office/Wash Clothes / Watch TV ?...... At the end I came to a conclusion….What else can come out? As usual my favorite hang-out : Besant Nagar Beach !!!.

Elliots Beach ….. Filled with crowd. The sands of the beach have been witnessing many interesting tales: from sweet nothings and soft whisperings,… to suicides and crimes. Saturday and Sunday evenings here are busy; college studentss are seen roaming around with their ‘gang’ or sitting as a group in the famous ‘platform’.

I pushed my hands inside my pants pocket and started walking on the sea-shore. I just looked around on people. Nobody there had put their hands in pocket like me. Because they have some one to hold their hand. Seems remaining single is a sin :-(.

I just moved away from the crowd. Went to some distance and start watching the Bay-of –Bengal. Watching….Watching… I’d been watching the beauty of the sea , for more than an hour…. I felt happy, I felt sad… So many thinks came into mind… I think, Sea has an immense power of making you to think a lot.

Time was going fast… Sky started becoming dark. I was moving away from the place. Suddenly, I felt that some one dragged my pants. I was shocked and turned towards the hand. There was a baby girl smiling at me. She was loudly laughing and saying something to me.. in her language.. I couldn’t understand her words. But I can feel her happy smile.

I tried to grab that child; but her parents pitched in and took her away. Then only thing, I could understand that, They’re shooting her walk on their Digi-Cam ? I started thinking…When did my parents took my first photograph ? May be at the age of 5 !!!?

I decided,”OK. Let me have a coffee” ; Looking for a coffee shop. Even coffee Day was looking like a market with full of crowd. I merged with the crowd and Got a cup of coffee. Had dinner at Murugan Idly Shop.

I felt so calm and peaceful; nothing else was in my mind. Calling my mom on phone, got into bus to return back to my room. Nice weekend ; Nice feeling; At some times, we should enjoy the feel of loneliness also.

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