Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Feet (2006)

I’m not a great fan of animated movies. In fact, I always avoid them. That is, of course, the mindset that animation is meant solely for children.

After reading my post on “Wall-e”, one of my friends recommended me to watch “Happy Feet”. With the advent of DVD, immediately I had the chance to lookout the movie too.

Happy Feet - A true kids movie. In a world… where penguins rule the land… one penguin… named Mumbles Happy Feet… can not sing like the other penguins do. Instead, he can dance. Now, this Mumbles disability to sing, causes lot of drama, because every penguin must sing a unique song called a "Heart song" to attract a soul mate :-D

As days rollout, the penguin’s world faces the food shortage, as the fish are scarce… (Yes.Human’s fault.!!)

As all the fish are scarce, Mumbles decides setting up a meeting with aliens (human; that’s how they call:-D), who are the cause for the fish scarcity; and try to find a way to co-exist. He ends up swimming after a fishing boat, and ends up washing ashore next to some sort of industrialized area, what looks like an oil refinery or something equally as evil… next to a large city. Those damn humans.

Mumbles wakes up in a zoo, caged like some sort of animal .After going crazy locked up in the zoo, he dances for a little girl, who then brings apparently everyone to see him, and they slap a radio collar on him, and put him back into Antarctica… where he finds his home group of penguins.

some guys fly in and see them all dancing… then the Media shares the video with everyone, the whole world is angry that humans are taking the penguin’s food supply… the UN gets involved (yes, the UN) and human fishing is barred from anywhere around Antarctica, and now there is enough fish for all the penguins and the movie ends with a warm fuzzy.

As for my recommendation,
I am somewhere between “Yes and No”.
Prior to the environmental message, I would say “yes”; But The CG animation and screenplay – I can’t say them as great. I got bored / irritated at some lengthy scenes.

Overall it’s just an “OK” kind of movie with good message. But still, I love it.

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