Monday, January 19, 2009

Walk through the Southampton Walls

On the Sunday morning, I started my walk around the old town and exploring the walls of Southampton.

Southampton was severely attacked by the French and by some Pirates, in 13th Century. After this attack, the city's walls—part of which dates from 1175—were extensively added to protect the town.

Though some portion of the wall were demolished during various wars, A large part of the town's walls remain today. The whole town was protected by these walls with their watch towers.

The Bargate:
Bargate was the main point of entry and exit to and from the north. Since Southampton is on the south coast, this made the Bargate the main gateway to the city.

God's House Tower Museum of Archaeology
The city walls include God's House Tower, built in 14th Century, for the purpose of Defending Southampton. Over the years it has been used the Town Prison and even as storage for the Southampton Harbor . Today, it is open as the Museum of Archaeology.

The Arcades
South of the Castle lies in the Arcades. This is was also built for the purpose of merchants, to protect their properties.

The Eastern Walls and North East walls were demolished, as the town grew,except for a small part between God's House.

It was really a great experience for me, to walk around the Historic walls and Towers

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