Thursday, November 27, 2008

India Blasts

Terror attacks Rock Mumbai; More than 100 People are Killed; At least 300 people have been injured in the worst terror strike to hit the country's financial capital.

Happy ThanksGiving from Terriorist to all sleeping and lazy people of INDIA. People with the finest brians around the world, people with an attitude to work hard and get ahead of the world in mere 60 years are helpless now.

This is not the first time; Earlier there's a serial Blast at all major Cities. But still we are not able stop this.Why there is no attack on US now after 9/11 ?

As for as me, I could see a Simple Sequence :

1) Bomb blast by terrorists in Indian cities.
2) Media people run behind it as they need show their performace for upcoming appraisals.
3) Media broadcat it repeatedly for 2-3 days, without break.
4) Defence minister start singing in same tune.
5) Prime minister loose his sleep.
6) Police as usual put ther maximum efforts for everything
7) Public start discussing of terrorists by seeing them in TV's.
8) After 4-5 days, all above mentioned forget everything as if nothing happaned.
9) As usual food, work, drink, dance untill next attack.

Who's responsible for these ? Government ? Politicians ? We ?..... I feel , it the responsiblity of everyone.Let's Come out and vote for litrate, brave and brainy leaders.

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1 Comment to "India Blasts"

CK said...

Who is responsible...? Everyone is responsible.
Yes, the media hypes and in fact follow certain implicit ways to increase their viewership. But why are we carried by that?
To vote for good leaders, we need people who can think rationally which is possible through proper education. The government is by the people.
Finally, you can't be good to all people and if you want to be, you are in danger risking yourselves and your associations as well. The government do not want to lose certain vote banks :)