Monday, July 6, 2009

Platforms shops and Pirated Books

I was walking on the roads of T.Nagar ; happened to come across some pirated book shops on the platform. Tons of quality pirated prints of all the famous authors are available for 50 to 60 Rupees, 10 times cheaper than the original print.

Even I was induced to buy one of my favorite author’s. (I also bought one:-) … ) . While returning back to home, few sparks in my mind…

What is the reason for the huge success of these Pirated books ?
I hope the problem is that there is no economics behind pricing of foreign published books in India. Many of these books (published originally) in the US/UK...are quite overpriced for any normal Indian reader. Most sellers (so called legal), fix the Indian price of US published books by multiplying the US$ price with the exchange rate, which is definitely not affordable for our people.

Do you agree these pirated books have increased the number of readers ?
I think so...I can witness many regular visitors to the pirated book shops. Most of them are college students. I feel many of them read books, only because the books are available at the cheap price.They could have stopped reading,if these books are at their orginal price:-).

I’m not in support of pirated books. But it would be great, if the book publishers and retailers realize this and re-consider the price standards on Indian market. This may greatly reduce the book sellers in platforms across the country.

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