Saturday, July 19, 2008

Intel turns 40 - what will the next 40 years bring?

Intel,founded in 1968 by physicists Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce,celebrating its 40th anniversary, and as part of that, they unveiled the World Mural Project.

The project is a Web-based digital art piece that includes visual and written contents from the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, which stretches around the world.Intel asked 500 kids in 21 countries what they expected the next 40 years of computing to bring us.

Their answers are collected in Intel’s World Mural Project, where the youths involved submitted both a picture and completed the statement, “In 40 years, computers will empower us to…” The mural itself is a Flash application that allows users to select a continent and then view the responses generated by students in the region.

According to Intel spokesperson Agnes Kwan,

Some of the themes that the kids have expressed are: having multi-function, wearable computers, achieving a greener environment on Earth, greatly improved healthcare, vastly improving our brain power, experiencing virtual education, communicating through holograms, teletransport, living more relaxed, peaceful lives, and living on Mars.

Check out the Mural for some more possibilities and surf the rest of the site for information here.

For those interested, Intel also has a Flickr set to celebrate its 40th anniversary , with some vintage stuff, like a picture of a 4004 CPU and the original IBM PC.Clickin here to watch the Flickr.

Tell me, what next 40 years of the Digital Age can bring us?

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